Launching our new ambassador program!
We are looking for a passionate group of ambassadors to help make a positive difference in the world and promote our growing brand.
Why Join:
  1. Join the Legacy Family.
  2. Gain experience as an ambassador.
  3. You will receive an exclusive discount code for your friends/family/followers
  4. Free bikinis! Every 5 bikini sets bought with your code you will earn a free one! We will send you more information on our points system when you sign up and receive your code.
  5. Ambassadors will decide which research program we donate to next at the Mote! This could be towards turtle conservation, shark research, animal rehabilitation, marine immunology or more towards coral reef restoration! To see the full list of programs please visit The Mote.
-Must be 18+ years old
-Must have social media 
-Must follow and like us Instagram/Facebook/TikTok
To sign up email us at with the following information: 

First name:

Last name:

Date of birth:

Social media handles:

Tell us a little bit about you.

Why do you want to become a Legacy ambassador?

How would you promote Legacy?





Legacy reserves the right to remove any person from the ambassador program for any reason as they see fit.