10 Ideas for a Sustainable Thanksgiving

10 ideas for a sustainable Thanksgiving: 


Did you know that each year 200 million lbs of turkey are wasted! Here are some tips in order to reduce waste, keep methane emissions to a minimum and save you some money! 

  1. Do not overbuy! Plan ahead with your attendees on who is going to bring what to avoid bringing the same thing.
  2. Before shopping take a look at what ingredients you already own, make a list (and stick to it at the store) to avoid buying unnecessarily. PS DO NOT FORGET YOUR REUSABLE BAGS! 
  3. Make room for leftovers beforehand. Start clearing out (by eating/using not tossing) the foods in your fridge and freezer to make room for the beloved leftovers. Having less food in there makes sure nothing gets pushed to the back, forgotten or wasted. 
  4. Need a lot of an ingredient? Try buying it in bulk at stores like Sam’s Club or Costco. Buying in bulk actually tends to have less plastic/packaging than buying several of a normal sized item.
  5. Skip the dishes that aren’t popular. We know we know-  your Aunt’s “Special Yams” are a tradition that she can’t give up. Try to make smaller portions.  
  6. Use reusable plates, cutlery and napkins. As tempting as it is to avoid dishes when you are serving so many people, this one has a huge impact on waste. If you can’t swing doing those dishes, choose biodegradable or compostable options.
  7. Dare we say it.. skip the turkey for the huge benefits that going meatless have on the planet. Can’t say goodbye to the bird? Buy from a local cage-free turkey farmer. 
  8. On that note opt for a turkey that fits the size of your crowd. As impressive as a big bird in the center is everyone knows we are really here for the sides.
  9. Use reusable containers, reusable bowl covers or beeswax paper for left overs. Don’t forget to compost what you can. Leftovers sent to landfills create methane gases.
  10. Share your favorite leftover recipes with a friend to encourage no food waste! 
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