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10 Ideas for a Sustainable Thanksgiving

10 ideas for a sustainable Thanksgiving:    Did you know that each year 200 million lbs of turkey are wasted! Here are some tips in order to reduce waste, keep methane emissions to a minimum and save you some money!  Do not overbuy! Plan ahead with your attendees on who is going to bring what to avoid bringing the same thing. Before shopping take a look at what ingredients you already own, make a list (and stick to it at the store) to avoid buying unnecessarily. PS DO NOT FORGET YOUR REUSABLE BAGS!  Make room for leftovers beforehand. Start clearing out (by eating/using not tossing) the foods in your fridge and freezer to make room for the beloved leftovers. Having...

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THIS is Sustainable Swimwear

Welcome to Legacy We care deeply for the wellbeing of our planet and taking care of it the best we can. Our mission is to help clean the ocean of waste and repurpose that waste into beautiful recycled swimsuits. A portion of every purchase goes towards coral reef restoration with our friends at Mote Marine Lab in Sarasota, FL.  Below are the key components that make Legacy who we are! SAVE OUR PLANET: clean up the fishing nets left behind that are fatal to marine life BE ETHICAL: we believe that how your suit is made is just as important as what it is made of. Our manufacturer ensures fair wages, health insurance, paid OT for working over 40 hours, as well as opportunities...

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Fighting Ghost(nets)

A scary post for spooky Halloween!    Ghost nets are fishing nets that have been left behind or lost by fisherman to float around the ocean unmonitored. These nets are often hard to see and single net can ensnare hundreds of marine animals.     These nets kill over 650,000 animals yearly including turtles, whales, sharks, fish, seals, birds, dolphins and more.     They are also a huge threat to coral reef, as they drag through the reef they break them and expose them to disease.    How are we helping? Our suits are made of these recycled ghost nets! Our fabric helps clean the ocean of this harmful waste and turn it into something beautiful for you!   ...

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Eco Update: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

A very exciting eco update!    The nonprofit The Ocean Cleanup has been successfully able to remove over 63,000 lbs of ocean waste from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch!    The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a giant accumulation of plastics, fishing nets, trash and waste that is located in the Pacific Ocean. It is estimated to be 2x the size of Texas and ever growing as more and more waste ends up in the ocean.    As you can imagine, this patch is problematic for marine and humans alike. Marine animals often are killed by becoming entangled in ythe waste or eating it. The patch also blocks out the sunlight preventing disrupting the entire ecosystem. This turns into a...

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21 Easy Eco Changes To Make in 2021

1. Bring your own bag to the store 2. Eat less 3. Get a reusable water bottle 4. Carpool or use public transportation when possible 5. Use home made cleaning products 6. Use bar soap instead of liquid soap 7. Wash your clothes in cold water 8. Switch to LED light bulbs 9. Go paper free 10. Unplug unused electronics 11. Say no to Straws 12. Start a compost 13. Use washcloths instead of paper towels 14. Buy Second hand 15. Swap plastic tooth brushes for bamboo 16. Shop sustainable  17. Pack your lunch in reusable containers 18. Say no to plastic utensils from takeout 19. Eat local 20. Be a conscious shopper 21. Use your voice to advocate for...

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