21 Easy Eco Changes To Make in 2021

1. Bring your own bag to the store

2. Eat less

3. Get a reusable water bottle

4. Carpool or use public transportation when possible

5. Use home made cleaning products

6. Use bar soap instead of liquid soap

7. Wash your clothes in cold water

8. Switch to LED light bulbs

9. Go paper free

10. Unplug unused electronics

11. Say no to Straws

12. Start a compost

13. Use washcloths instead of paper towels

14. Buy Second hand

15. Swap plastic tooth brushes for bamboo

16. Shop sustainable 

17. Pack your lunch in reusable containers

18. Say no to plastic utensils from takeout

19. Eat local

20. Be a conscious shopper

21. Use your voice to advocate for things you care about! Sign petitions, talk to your friends, educate others & stand up for our planet 

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